Life Coaching

In modern times we are so overwhelmed with information and sensory experience that we loose touch from the whispers of our guidance or truth. In tribal community life, there would always be an older person who you would naturally connect with and would act as a mentor. You would feel comfortable to talk about your challenges and the mentor would listen, care, support and guide you.

Inner freedom is not guided by our efforts;

it comes from seeing what is true. 
The Buddha


Life Coaching

When working with people I work on the principle that each individual has the answers within. Our perceptions of  the inner and external world is often filled with misconceptions, assumptions and expectations that often causes confusion, suffering and unhappiness. We tend to create certain patterns of behaviour to respond to the world around us. Finding peace in ourselves in who we are has become a perplexing task in a fractured society where community is non existent. 

Life coaching comprises of one to one sessions where you and I focus on what you feel challenged by. The sessions will offer you an opportunity to feel supported in your challenges. Together we will explore your maybe undermined resources that could help you overcome these challenges, find what it is teaching you about your self or life and tools to help you move forward in very many aspects of your life.

What can life coaching help with:

Relationship difficulties

Work life imbalance 


Making decisions

Fearful or unclear about the future


Lack of confidence

Negative habits and wanting to change

Feeling lost and unhappy about life

Career Coaching focuses solely on your career direction and progression. Whether you want to change your career or progress into an area that you find appealing coaching helps with defining, clarifying your potential. Seeing clearly where your strengths are and identifying developments that are needed.  

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it…Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.


Career Coaching


Nowadays the nature of work and how we secure work has changed immensely. The subject of work, job, career is deeply interwoven with deeper aspects in us. A job means security. A career means progression into skill level and responsibility and therefore growth. A vocation however is about aligning to your career path what your spirit has always wanted to express or engage in. 

Career coaching sessions focus on this aspect of an individual's life but not separate from it. Together we will look at your current skill set, abilities and qualities. We often take for granted what our strengths, qualities and skills are. However, when looked at what we have gained through life or work experience we start to feel resourceful and more confident. When we want change we have to own up to our self destructive habits or self judgements that get on the way in order to move on even if we stumble at first.

The sessions can help you feel clear and more confident about your career path, where you may need re-skilling or simply the actions you need to take to get to your desired destination.

Coaching sessions can be face to face, via skype or phone.

I am based in Hampshire, UK. You will find my address and contact details in the connect page.

To book a 30 minutes free consultation email or call me.


Your investment 


  • £50  per 60 minutes session on the phone/skype or face to face. 

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