The blessings of life's challenges!!!


Do you have problems or challenges?

How do you talk about them with friends and family? Are they a burden on your life? Do you wish them away or do you hide under the duvet until they are gone? Do you solve them impulsively, instinctively or leave it for the last moment or for someone else to do so?

We humans, mainly adult humans, love to talk about problems. What is the satisfaction in moaning about problems? Do we get an offload perhaps if we complain about it? Perhaps we want sympathy and identify ourselves as the victim of what life brings to us?

The last one feels more convincing to me. But what if we saw life as a partnership with XXX call it what you will, where I am an active, responsive agent of life, where I make conscious choices how to respond to life's challenges, circumstances, relationships and so on? How much more empowering does that feel?

Children, animals, trees, plants have challenges every day of their existence. In their natural state they go with the flow of what life delivers to them. They get creative with solutions, not stuck with the problem. Think of a sudden storm that threatens the plant's existence in your garden. It doesn't complain that it has a problem. Nor does the hare or the hedgehog in the burrows in the fields of England or China (hang on do they have hedgehogs in China?)

You can call it a problem or a challenge, it doesn't matter ultimately but what matters is your outlook in life. If you see life as an amazing gift to experience your unique self in many different facets of the expression that is you, then you will want to learn, to grow, to go for it no matter the difficulty.

What matters when you want to experience something that you long for, is the experience not the difficulty. The difficulty is a byproduct that may not be avoided, but a very useful one too. The challenge in itself, is a gift in disguise. It offers us the opportunity to learn through experience, if we want to. It pushes us to grow in perspective and allow parts of our being to open up to us and the world around us. These are the gifts of the challenges. It helps to give birth to our self again and again.

In challenging times, you may feel you are alone and that nobody understands you. You may be surrounded by people who do not understand what you are going through, but know that you are never alone. All life that is non human around us beams with intelligence.

The beauty and teachings of nature and the presence or animals is always there to show or remind us of our inner strength and connect us to love for life. Being open to feel connected to the elements is a great source of healing for us humans. Finally science is confirming the intelligence that surrounds us.

Have you noticed when you are close to someone that feels like a very special person to be around? Someone that you may not know well or much but you feel privileged to be in their company. Something in their presence, heart, voice or humility. It feels like they have lived, really lived and come out with the gifts which are part of them and now shared with the world, touching others in ways that is wordless, yet powerful. I am reminded of Mandela now as a perfect example of what I am talking about. I have met at least two people in my life by whom I felt so deeply moved by. It feels to me that these people have digested their challenges, learned, grown and harvested the gifts that came through them.

With love and gratitude for the challenges, the learning, the gifts they bear and the love and support we receive during these times.


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