The Harvest Season

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

It wasn't until the 16th century that the word Autumn came into the English language replacing the word Harvest to describe this abundant and colorful season. As I sit here in front of a screen, I cannot help but imagine our ancestors gathering around the table, sharing the harvest, singing their hearts out, dancing, drinking merrily, throwing jokes to one another.....I can almost hear the sounds of children playing and a general feeling of a well earned feast after a hard working season, from sowing to harvesting. Each year bringing new challenges, new experiences and the accumulated experience eventually turned into wisdom and appreciation and perhaps even some good stories to share around the table.

I cannot help but feel nostalgia for the communal way of life that has been severed in the last century. I feel sad that the cyclical connection to the earth has been largely disrupted. What's worse is that many of us have forgotten what it feels like to be part of a community, to feel a part of the cycle of nature in a tangible way or simply to feel an Earthling, belonging to this planet.

In the becoming of the world we live in and co-create every day I wonder if the very ability to feel the longing, or the place in us that feels grief for such a loss would rekindle a yearning to join existing communities, to create new communities. Many years ago that longing for me felt like - something was missing in my life but I could not place is in my awareness, what that was until I became part of a community of people who shared similar values. I felt that this deep belonging restores and revitalises me to the core. That together with a more intimate connection to nature are a source of joy and wonder for us humans.

Recently I joined a community run farm that has been around for 10 years. Individuals can join or leave at any time. I was amazed at what a dozen of like minded people created 10 years ago. It started with an idea, a longing maybe even a glimpse of a past that was lost to us. They created a beautiful community and space where people can join in and work together in the land and share the harvest together. Children run around playing with one another or with adults passing by while adults work together in their team, chatting and working. I felt a glimpse of the past and grateful to the people who created and everyone who joined and contributed to the making of what it is today. I felt an aliveness and joy that was beyond words. I felt hope enliven in me to see that we can and are creating communities suitable for modern times. We connect to earth and it's cycles in ways that suit our circumstances and our lives and that brings hope in such times.

Finally I hope and wish that you find a community that shares your passion, your values and I hope too that the whispers of nature call you outdoors as often as possible to play or connect with the elements in ways that fills your heart with delight.

And if you don't find a community, why not create one? Why not join some like minded people and create a space to share what you value?


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