Presence, the state of being

Updated: May 19, 2019

We are highly sentient beings who feel and communicate instinctively and intuitively through our body, without necessarily being consciously aware of it. So do animals, each in unique ways, and plants too. Cutting edge science is now discovering and confirming truths that many of us have felt but had no place in mainstream culture. That animals and plants are highly sentient and intelligent beings who communicate with each other to comfort, cooperate, share information and more. Some people have gifts that allow them to communicate with animals or plants, including trees. An example that comes to mind is a leading animal communicator whose documentary went viral, Anna Breytenbach. You can find a short version of this documentary on youtube.

The stuff that everyday life is made up of consists of a lot of actions that are result driven. There is nothing wrong with that in itself because we have to do much through a day to earn a living and manage a family or household. The bit that's often missing, is You, in a larger sense of the word. Your full presence. A presence that includes the you that feels deeply connected to the information that is around in the present moment. The You that is there feeling, sensing, engaging, still rather then restless to be elsewhere 'better then here'.

Recently I met a woman who provided a service to me. She wasn't selling me something. She worked for a governmental institution and dealt with people from all backgrounds. In those 15 minutes of interaction, I felt her to have a beautiful presence. She was there with her heart open and her willingness to do her best. She cared. She connected with me through her body language and eyes which communicated connection, flow and honesty. It was a lovely experience of connection within the context of the roles we each had at that moment. I am sure many of us have experienced something similar in quality and the opposite too.

Recently and yet again I fell into an old habit of doing too much for a few days with a result driven approach. Energetically I sensed a narrowing, a squashing, almost as if I was creating a cage that was getting narrower and narrower. My mind felt frazzled, I was becoming mindless and forgetting things.

I then listened.


Did nothing for a few days.

I played.


Stood well away from the screens.

I daydreamed and read poetry.

I laughed and felt the sun in my skin and all that I needed to meet and feel.

It took two days to come back to feeling light, relaxed in my being, spacious and bouncy again. From this place my actions have a quality that brings being at its core and not the result. Although I am aiming at a result but fundamentally I have no control over the outcome and usually enjoy the process much more. Even the most boring stuff seem to have a meditative quality which allows me to daydream, wonder, sing along or stop and notice.

One thing I have learned, is that being fully present in the body, listening and feeling what it communicates, how it communicates, we are much more present to life's messages, to our needs, to mystery, to the intelligence of life and the body. And finally, we bring more depth, clarity and awareness to relationships with people, animals or plants too and even stars.

Irida Hysenbelli


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